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Customer Love is the key to our approach to our customers, our business and our team. It’s something we strive for every day, because we view love as an act. We know that we have to invest our energy and time in truly demonstrating our love for our customers, to make sure that they feel our care and attention on an ongoing basis

Mechanical Works

In physics, mechanical work is the amount of energy transferred by a force. Like energy, it is a scalar quantity, with SI units of joules. Heat conduction is not considered to be a form of work, since there is no macroscopically measurable force, only microscopic forces occurring in atomic collisions.

Power & Energy

Work, Energy and Power are fundamental concepts of Physics. Work is the displacement of an object when a force (push or pull) is applied to it. We define the capacity to do the work as energy. Power is the work done per unit of time. This article discusses work, energy and power in detail.

Petroleum Refinery

Petroleum is a naturally occurring liquid found beneath the earth’s surface that can be refined into fuel. Petroleum is a fossil fuel, meaning that it has been created by the decomposition of organic matter over millions of years

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Meet The Team

A meeting arranged by a manager who has the role and responsibility to manage a team of people, scheduled proactively in discussion with all team members who with the manager decide collectively the meeting frequency and have an option to contribute to the agenda, format, time and location of the meeting

What People Are Saying

It is what it is is an expression used to characterize a frustrating or challenging situation that a person believes cannot be changed and must just be accepted.