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Tree Tops is a tree home.

Unlike a true treehouse, it is not on a tree as it is too big for any tree to handle. It’s a home since it puts every comfort of an exclusive private space and the facilities that one could aspire to in their own abode. It’s a robust wooden structure perched 18 feet above the forest floor in the core of the Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. It’s supported by 50 sturdy pillars, making it absolutely impossible for any wild animal to breach.

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From its medieval origins to the digital era

40 impressive UNESCO World Heritage sites which bear witness to over 2,000 years of the city history.

Guided sightseeing city tour including famous landmarks

A tour with special packages including a traditional Christmas menu or a gala dinner.

Fascinating cultural landscape

You will get an insight into the city music history during this unique tour with this 3-hour tour.

The body in movement, architecture and sculpture

2-Hour walking tour. Regional traditions and famous places of interest.

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Touriny provided the perfect honeymoon, traveling around the city. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trip.

John Doe19 Aug 2022

Jam-packed trip through the entire city, lots of activities hikes, museums and restaurants… Can’t recommend more.

Lars von Rome19 Aug 2022

This holiday had everything. Great people, food, wildlife, beaches and scenery. Thanks Touriny for the great organization. Lucky!

Lora Palmer19 Aug 2022

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